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There's nothing like the good ol' timeless look of a Corvette on a 5 star wheel. Only there is nothing "ol" about this beautiful new bright red C7 with Forgeline's super light, high luster wheel!

Gary reached out to me after seeing a lot of the Forgeline wheels I've done and wanted something (that I am a big fan of!! ;)) to set his C7 apart from the crowd. And it really did! He ended up with the Forgeline SC3 - Step Lips with my favorite Transparent Smoke centers with polished lips. The fronts are 20x9 and the rears are a massive 21x12" with Pirelli 325s on them!


Gary had 18/19" OEM wheels on his and the 20/21" wheels with massive rear tires are both lighter than the OEM wheels! :woohoo:

"The 20"/265's front wheels (and tires) are 4 pounds lighter than the stock 18"/245 OEM front wheels.
The 21"/325 rear wheels are one pound lighter than the stock 19"/285 OEM rear wheels."

1 - 5 of 5 Posts