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Tow Hook for C7

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:confused: Has anyone found a tow hook that fits our c7's yet? Love to add something to the front of mine that looks like the attached pics. Point me to the suppliers. Don't anyone know the bolt thread size? Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Product Vehicle door Automotive tail & brake light
Screw Pipe Auto part Tool Hose
Product Auto part Tire Automotive tire Suspension part
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I want a set also.
why? it looks so ugly to me imo...
I have my car on the track a lot. If I happen to have an off track situation, I want someplace the tow vehicle can hook onto without damaging my car.
The tow hook is appealing to me as well. I plan to have my car at the track a lot and trailering it to and from the track makes more sense for several reasons. The tow hook is especially nice with a winch on the trailer. I can just pull it up nice and slow, much easier and no worries about missing the, ramps, the deck or any other accident I never want to experience. The advantages to trailer ing it are as follows. First it keeps miles off the car. Second if the car gets damaged I am not stranded hundreds of miles from home. Third, I can bring more creature comforts with me.

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My thoughts exactly.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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