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TPW of Aug 4th given this week does that make any sense?

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I am pretty ticked with this order , last week at 3000 and I see folks getting TPW's end of June , 1st week of July. Now I find out that I have a TPW of Aug 4th which is just before the end of the 2014 builds , don't get it. It is a base car with no constraints that I am aware of , 2 lt, Crystal Red. This after my Cyber Grey order was kicked back by BG. Maybe I should be waiting for next spring and get a 2015 delivered then, I probably won't see this car until almost September. Not happy with this whole process.
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I have heard the "Canadian" story and maybe I am one of the lucky Canucks. I think it might be your dealership. I ordered mine Feb 15 and have a TPW if June 9th. I figure by the tine all is said and done it will be about 5 months from order to delivery. The car is so amazingly sexy I personally think the wait is worth it. As Canadians we do get the proverbial shaft in more products than just the Corvette, but at the same time there are things we get that Americans don't as my sister lives in Florida and every once in a while they get the shaft over us. I guess in the end if you love the car it's worth the wait - life flips us the finger all the time, just got to roll with it.

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I also ordered here in Canada in early February (Budd's out in Oakville) and even though I was 9th in line I've got a June 9th build week. Go to and click the live chat button. I had someone on the other end confirm my 3000 code and my build week within 1 minute of giving them my order number. Sounds like you have honesty issues with your dealer.
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