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TPW of Aug 4th given this week does that make any sense?

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I am pretty ticked with this order , last week at 3000 and I see folks getting TPW's end of June , 1st week of July. Now I find out that I have a TPW of Aug 4th which is just before the end of the 2014 builds , don't get it. It is a base car with no constraints that I am aware of , 2 lt, Crystal Red. This after my Cyber Grey order was kicked back by BG. Maybe I should be waiting for next spring and get a 2015 delivered then, I probably won't see this car until almost September. Not happy with this whole process.
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Not sure about differing components, might be but I would think it would just be a matter of having various parts available in the build process. The only thing I can think of that might be different is the speed gauge (miles vs kilometers) but that is probably a software option as it is with my Acadia. Outside of that it seems like the same car.

Your right though it seems like GM has given Cdns the finger on this whole process, including the fact a lot of discounts for those that have recalled vehicles can be applied to U.S customers but not Canada. I have a GMC Acadia and a Pontiac Solstice, two recalls on the Acadia and the bigger ignition recall on the Solstice. Not sure why I am a loyal GM customer at this point. Just seem to get jacked around. I originally ordered a 2015, but then was told the dealer had another allocation come up would have a June or July delivery and that looked reasonable given the TPWs seen here so I took it. Now I am probably getting this car a couple of months before the snow flies, maybe. Just about at the point of saying f%$# it and go buy a Porsche off a lot.
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Wilson Niblett out of Toronto , claims they are the biggest Corvette dealer in Canada. Fed up with GM Canada. Sure we can get you a Cyber Grey and it will be here by July, sure they are still taking orders for Cyber Grey, yup that's the ticket , we can always change the order on him once he is on the hook.... I told them to cancel the order today.

Been a loyal GM owner for years, between the recalls of the vehicles I own, the lack of compensation for Cdns while GM gets employee discounts for those same vehicles , the crap around this order changes to what I can order and commitments made, I think I probably don't need a Corvette. Probably don't need GM vehicles in the family any more either, this company has done nothing but stick a needle in my eye at every turn the last few months. Still don't have the ignition fix on my Solstice, going on 6 months since it was recalled.

Canadians pumped $10.8 billion into GM to keep them afloat just a few years ago, and they won't even allow us to buy a car from a U.S dealership despite that being illegal under anti-trust legislation. So we are stuck buying Cdn and being treated like monkeys being fed peanuts, get in line, we might send you a car but it will be the car of our choice and when we get around to it. Bullshit.
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