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TPW of Aug 4th given this week does that make any sense?

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I am pretty ticked with this order , last week at 3000 and I see folks getting TPW's end of June , 1st week of July. Now I find out that I have a TPW of Aug 4th which is just before the end of the 2014 builds , don't get it. It is a base car with no constraints that I am aware of , 2 lt, Crystal Red. This after my Cyber Grey order was kicked back by BG. Maybe I should be waiting for next spring and get a 2015 delivered then, I probably won't see this car until almost September. Not happy with this whole process.
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Hey Wyatt:

I think that was a miss print. Was it from your dealer? If you were at 3000 then you were cued for production. It took along time for Cdn. ordersto be built since the winter, but once in the system the build time is the same as US orders. There is a belief that 5% of the orders go to Canada. Most my issues were with my dealer and I think that is your problem now as well. But, @3000 you should be being built now. Mine is done and I have my Vin#. Good luck and hang in there. Fellow Cdn. STUNG.

PS all the components are assembled for each build at the beginning of the process, 3000. So I don't think it would have been componant issue. My best guess is your dealer is screwing you up with wrong info. Small or Big dealer?
I understand your frustration. I have waited since Sept. of last year and gone through many issues as well. Don't over react to the order and hold off if it is not too late. Good Luck......:cool:
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