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Tracking device

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Just what we all need.

Apple retail stores begin carrying Automatic, the sensor that aims to make you a better driver | The Verge

"The tracking device connects to a car's OBD-II port — something that all modern vehicles should have — and then beams driving details like fuel use, mileage, engine status, and more back to an iPhone over Bluetooth."
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Reading the user manual section 13-14, I got concern about privacy... and found this thread that confirm what you can read in the user manual. No one tells you at the time you place your order or when you get delivery of your car that it does record lot of data that can be used by GM to void warranty or police as part of an investigation.

In addition to the computers that record information about the vehicle's performance and how it is driven, there is an EDR : "Event Data Recorders". "The EDR is designed to record data related to vehicle dynamics and safety systems for a short period of time, typically 30 seconds or less." Part of what is recorded is how fast the vehicle was traveling". "These data can help provide a better understanding of the circumstances in which crashes and injuries occur." It does not look like this include the PDR video, therefore despite you may not be responsible for an accident, last 30 minutes speed may not be in your favor, when other cars part of the accident may not have similar system...

Following section is about OnStar that may collect additional data real time!!

It would be great if we could have the option to protect our Privacy when we are driving OUR car that we paid with OUR money, and deactivate these recording if we do not wish to use these.

Did you experience or hear about any use of the EDR?
EDR's have been around for about 10 years. I learned about them at a Seminar on neck injuries and CAD injuries 10 years ago. They are not "commonly" used as most are not aware they are even there. The "black box" is constantly being overwritten (about every 30 seconds) until there is an airbag deployment at which point it stops recording. Can be used if there is a primary then secondary collision to determine who hit who first. Obviously it is recording speed too.
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