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Transparent protective shield : do you know VentureShield ?

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I'm searching for a protective shield for my future C7 and I'm looking for the possibilities over here, in Switzerland, or juste nearby...
As the 2 Xpel agents are too far away from here, I have found a company which is offering some services like ProTech paint protection and the VentureShield transparent film... Somebody knows this brand ? Quality of the film ?

Thanks in advance.

I see now that it's a 3M product, could not be really bad.
As the new option proposed by GM for the 2015 C7 is supposed to be a 3M product, it's certainly this one...
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I have venture shield on my 2008 Z06 and like it a lot. It has been on since 2008 and still looks good. Do the entire front end, headlights, back of mirrors, entire hood so there was no lines, and in front of the back wheels. It is very tough and has saved my car multiple times. I highly recommend it.
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