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A friend to all~TrayC7 (of Ormond Beach, FL) as she is now known on the Corvette Forum was heavily involved with the Corvette Forum when she ordered her she got the bug and between her friend Paul (Talon90) and I, she (and her hubby Ernie) factory ordered her Stingray. Although her Silver/Red 2015 Stingray Cpe with ZF1 is stock for the moment, not many people can put finishing touches on a Corvette like Tracey and I expect great things to come. In fact the stripes she had designed for her C6 ended up on a special edition C6 from Chevrolet. Last week her new Stingray arrived and here are some pictures...let the mods begin. I was especially happy to assist her any way I could with her order. Congrats and enjoy!!

Congrats Tracey! You deserve it!

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Man, love the ocean shots!!! Why can't NJ have cool license plates like FL? Notice the whale tail logo on the plate is so similar to the Corvette logo?
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