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Two new colors for 2015

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"We spoke with Corvette Exterior Manager Kirk Bennion about the colors and he confirmed with us that 2014 will be the last year for the popular Cyber Gray. In 2015, the yet un-named color will be take its place. GM uses different names internally than what we know, and the internal color name is called “Fusion Gray”. Bennion says they are still working on the official name but two names he mentioned are “Shark Gray” and “Tiger Shark Gray”. You can see the difference between the two colors with the “Shark Gray” being a much lighter shade of gray than the Cyber Gray. In addition to Cyber Gray going away, we also learned that this will indeed be the last year for Velocity Yellow. Although the new Corvette Z06 and C7.R show car introduced yesterday at NAIAS were Velocity Yellow, the 2015 Z06 will be wearing the new color when it goes into production in late 2014 or early 2015."

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Chip, I was thinking something similar. I wondered why they would keep the Blade Silver since the Shark Gray is "somewhat" close. Also, it seems as if the Blade Silver is not chosen as much on the 2014s as many of the other colors.

Why discontinue the largest seller (Cyber Gray) and keep the less-chosen color (Blade Silver)?

By the way, personally, I like the Shark Gray more than Cyber Gray or Blade Silver. It really looks nice to me!
I like the new color. That plus the A8 may make me wait until the 2015 model year......
Do you think GM will offer both the A6 and A8 in 2015? When do you think they will retire the A6 from the non-Z06 StingRay?
I also thought they would want to use their new transmission design (A8) in as many places as reasonable going forward since they can then more quickly recover their development costs for it. On the other hand, as you pointed out, they would not want to hurt 2014 sales with the A6. Also, would they offer the A8 in Z06 only in 2015 as an extra selling point? I know the engine and aero on the Z06 are selling points all by themselves and don't need any extra help, but I wonder...

I have no experience to know. What do others think?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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