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This article/pictures, is, IMO, the best StingRay technical article ever!!! It is not a new article, in fact it first appeared six month ago. However, sometimes an article is so excellent, and in this case also contains about thirty of the best StingRay "underside" component pictures, and with all our many new members during the last half year, that is important to bring it back! Thank you!!! Here is a great "intro" picture, the aerodynamically efficient underside of the StingRay. said:
You should see the numbers. GM also allowed us to bring our Vbox along and conduct our usual battery of tests while they watched confidently from 500 yards away. They were fine as long as we didn't point our cameras at any diaper-clad prototypes we happened to see.

Josh promptly equaled GM's straight-line acceleration claims of a 12-second quarter-mile and zero to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds after excluding the same 1 foot of initial drag strip rollout they deduct. But rollout and zero mph are mutually exclusive concepts; the true zero-means-zero-to-60 figure is 4.1 seconds.

But this is a suspension walkaround. To that end Josh snaked the Z51 Stingray through the slalom cones (authentic Edmunds-spec ones he'd packed in his suitcase) at 72.8 mph. The new Vette's best stop from 60 mph covered just 93 feet. Finally, with time on the Black Lake running out all that history on the tires, the Stingray orbited the skid pad at a two-way average of 1.08 lateral g.

This 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 demonstrated a breadth of performance and poise that makes it much more than a blunt-force trauma "numbers only" machine. We simply had to see what made the C7 Z51 tick, what enabled it to turn in and grip better than the last generation's wide body (and wide-tire) variants like the Corvette 427 and Grand Sport and breathe down the neck of the Z06/Z07. So we hunted around suburban Michigan for a hoist.

Here's what we saw (the first of about 30 excellent pictures/explanations)!

Please, please do not stop here, but click on the following link, to a treasure-trove of pictures and information!!!

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 Suspension Walkaround on

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Haha, actually Elegant IS his name (last name).
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