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Two weeks from today, we might be getting another blockbuster Z06 reveal!

That could be reveal of the 2015 Z06 convertible at the March 6th start of the Geneva Auto show, "the" auto show where GM introduced the StingRay convertible last year, and where GM revealed the C6 convertible in 2004.

Last month's Z06 reveal introduced the new, removable-top Z and the automatic transmission Z. The convertible would be the last piece to having a complete Z06 lineup.

Why did GM go to the expense of creating at least two C7 Z06 test mule convertibles, if not seriously considering a Z06 convertible option?

If the Geneva Auto Show does not include the Z06 convertible reveal, its "outing" could be being held until the New York Auto Show, which has its press days starting April 16th.
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