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UPR Update

Just finished up the line kits that will be comping with all the UPR C7 Corvette Catch Can Systems.

Here is a nice picture of the complete system with hose and plug n play catch can fittings.

Vette Kit-1k.jpg

We have even upgraded the WOT Fitting to be a UPR Plug N Play Catch Can Fittings !

UPR wanted to be sure to have a Unique System that was the Highest Quality. The most important features
are listed below and we have gone to great lengths to be able to offer a system like this.

UPR's Exclusive Features and Benefits

* UPR Billet Hose Ends
* UPR Goodyear Braided Lines
* UPR Plug N Play Catch Can Fittings
* UPR Competition Series Billet Check Valves
* UPR Modular Single or Dual valve Catch Can System
* UPR Catch Cans can be Fully Disassemble and Cleaned
* UPR All Billet UPR Clean Side Separator with Nickel Fitting

These are some of the Great Features that set UPR Catch Cans apart from the rest of the systems in the
marketplace. We decided to give you the best of everything in one package without having to Upgrade
or be sold expensive line and fitting Upgrades that should have been included in the first place.

We made sure this is everything you will need to be able to install a UPR catch can kit on
your C7 Corvette without any problem at all. ( Keep it Simple Stupid ) KISS

We are soon to be working on a variety of C7 Corvette Performance Upgrades.
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