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So why is a mustang vendor here? Just wondering. I am not a mustang fan personally and their website is all tailored to that Ford product.

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My guess, since they have a GM section, they are working up to C7 parts.

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Morning everyone,

Just wanted to take a minute to introduce our company UPRproducts. We are working with a few big companies on C7 products and our site is being redone to reflect that.

The first offering is UPR's New Catch can.

This is the latest Technology and to hit the market. It incorporates a fully modular design allowing you to adjust the capacity and flow through it based on your vehicles
demand. These units will be releasing next week and here's just a few features.

* Brass Drain Cock
* Nickel Plated Fittings
* Hi-flow One Way Valve
* Performance Fuel Emission Hose
* Billet Mounting Bracket
* Optional - Braided Hose
* Optional - Billet Hose Ends

We are looking forward to being a part of the program with many new offerings.

Joe M.

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