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Hi All!

I am having a bit of trouble figuring out from the website if the user-configurable instrument panel is included in the 2-LT package or only in the 3-LT package.

Yes, it is included in every StingRay!

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Don’t feel bad-you can read the manual very carefully and still not get there! You have to do what my grandkids do with their smart phones versus me reading the manual in detail. They don’t bother with the manual and just push buttons! I have the same problem and finally find a way to do it! I think I understand the dash now and I leave it where it is with oil temperature and pressure small gauges.
My problem is the audio. I can’t find how to get it to select from shuffling songs in one album or all my albums. Sometimes it stays on one album and at times is shuffles between all albums, which I prefer. I’m using an iPod plugged in the USB port. Guess I’ll just have to keep pushing buttons! I try to do it when parked but when it switches from all to one album, all I can do while driving is switch albums!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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