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Vengeance Racing - Automatic Z51 VR500 - Photos/Video/Dyno!

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We're excited to roll another VR500 C7 Stingray out of the Vengeance Racing shop, and this C7 laid down solid power across the board through an automatic transmission. A Z51, Rebecca's (aka Lipstic's) Stingray put down over 400-rwhp in stock form but, by the time we were done with our warranty compliant VR500 package, it was making much more than that!

Vengeance Racing VR500:
Halltech cold air induction system
American Racing mid-length headers
High-flow catalytic converters
VR high-temp spark plug wire insulators
Complete professional installation
Lowered ride height - 1"
Warranty compliant!

As you can see from the photos, Rebecca chose to omit the upgraded cold air intake, adding just a green air filter to the stock airbox... this choice may have left a little power on the table, but you would be hard pressed to find it in the dyno graph.

How does 445.53-rwhp and 449.69 lb-ft of torque sound? That's a gain of 44.53-rwhp and 43.76 lb-ft with stock drivability and quality. Compared to our earlier convertible C7 Stingray VR500 build, peak power and torque were virtually identical, although the gains were more substantial on Rebecca's ride.

While we had the car in the shop, our crew also took the time to install a set of RPI Stage 1 side skirts and a front splitter, along with a customer supplied engine apperance package. We think the RPI splitter and side skirts really looks mean when combined with the lowered stance!

Of course, don't take our word for it!
Originally Posted by Lipstic
Vengeance Racing is a 1st class was clean, staff was professional and yet I had a great time cutting up with the their mascot for their 1000hp C7
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Awesome!!!!! The engine dress up package and front and rear flags were purchased from Show Stopper, one of our supporting Vendors!!!!
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I am so pleased with my VR500 package, I can recommend the Vengeance Racing team to everyone, they are awesome!!!!!
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