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We've had the pleasure of having our very own C7 Stingray in house for a couple of days now (an upgrade over our outgoing C6 Grand Sport) and WOW... What a car! Excellent build quality, fantastic engine, quality suspension and drivetrain upgrades, and amazing looks. The interior is simply amazing. The style and feel of the C7 is truly impressive. Obviously we purchased our C7 to perform research & development on the Gen V LT1 engine & E92 ECU. Stay tuned as this thread will constantly be updated with our findings/modifications/packages etc.....

Day 1: Burnouts. Yes, with only 8 miles on the odometer we felt the need to leave our mark at the dealership.. Speaking of dealerships, we purchased our 2LT/Z51/Bi Mode equipped Stingray from Rick Hendrick in Duluth Georgia. Dan & Chris are the Corvette Team at Hendrick and both guys have been absolutely amazing to deal with, not only on this purchase but on our 2013 Grand Sport as well. If you are in the market for a new Stingray or a C6 I would definitely consider them when shopping around!!

Unfortunately our Stingray came with chrome wheels... We had to get these coated ASAP to hold us over until our 360 Forged SL10 Concave set up arrives If anyone is interested in the 20/19 Z51 combo they will be available in 2 to 3 weeks.

The wheels, front grill, and ride height were all tackled at once. We had to drop it and black it out for it to work right in our parking lot! :cool:

Of course, we also had to get it on our in-house chassis dyno to make some baseline pulls and get inside the factory E92 ECU for some tuning. Stock, the C7 (manual 7-speed) put down a respectable 423-rwhp and 417 lb-ft of torque. With tuning we picked up 25-rwhp and 34 lb-ft of torque, which you can REALLY feel on the street. Final numbers were 448-rwhp and 451 lb-ft of torque, which is impressive for an otherwise STOCK "base model" Corvette.

Tomorrow our C7 hits the lift for its next round of modifications....

Vengeance Racing custom Camshaft ( Keeping VVT/Deleting DOD)
Vengeance Racing Dual valvespring kit
Vengeance Racing Hardened Pushrods
Katech C5R Timing Chain
Comp Cams Trunion Upgrade
Comp 850-16 Lifters
Pfadt Race Engineering Tri Y Stainless Longtube Headers with 3" ORX
Nitrous Outlet C7 LT1 Plate Kit with Dedicated Fuel System
Custom Tuning VIA Vengeance PCM

We hope to have updated #s on our cam/header package by the end of the week!! We will update this post during the build and post an idle clip as soon as it is available!!

Aside from camshaft development we are currently working on CNCd LT1 cylinder heads as well as a custom turbo system over the winter.

For those of you who are new to the Corvette community and havent heard of Vengeance Racing I would encourage you to check out our website at Vengeance Racing .. You can check out several of our featured builds on our forum as well at Vengeance Racing

Feel free to PM/email/Post any questions you might have.​

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Day 1 Teardown begins

Half hour later all engine covers/PCV/shrouding has been removed

Factory Exhaust Vs Pfadt Tri Y Headers & X pipe

Newly designed valve covers. Notice the baffling/oil drain back provisions. GM Really stepped up their game here

LT1 Intake Manifold- Once we removed the multitude of engine covers and insulation we found the actual intake manifold itself...
NOTE: For anyone removing their intake at home, the insulation cannot be removed without the intake without damaging the insulation.

LT1 Waterpump

LT1 Thermostat/Housing
GM went to a plastic housing and the thermostat is that of a Gen III LS1 (part of the housing itself)

Engine Bay shot with valve covers/intake removed
Here you can see the fuel rails/DI fuel pump

Another angle... Hey something familiar.. Check out the rocker arms

Close of shot of a DI injector

Getting closer- One cylinder head down, one to go

Close up shot of shortblock. Notice the shape of the pistons

DOD Lifters


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Day 2 Progress

Combustion Chamber Pics.. Notice the DI Injector provision

Front Sway bar & Streering rack are removed for access to front cover

Front Cover Removed revealing VVT Cam Gear and newly designed oil pump

Unfortunately the days of simply lowering the oil pan to remove the oil pump are long gone. The new LT1 oil pump sits much deeper in the pan and GMs use of RTV sealant instead of gaskets makes removing the oil pan completely the only option. Fortunately this is doable with the engine in the car with a bit of creative thinking

A look inside the Z51 Dry Sump Oil Pan

GM LT1 Dry Sump Oil Pump- The 2nd picture shows not only the pick up, but the bolt and portion of the oil pump that sits nearly an inch inside of the pan.

GM LT1 Fuel Pump

This is the "Lifter" the fuel pump rides on

Out with the old... In with the new

Checker springs to verify PTV

Verifying PTV

New VR Camshaft/Katech C5R Timing Chain & Comp VVT Phaser Limiter installed and engine going back together.. This wraps up day two progress

Final Day Assembly Pics

Checking Install height on LT1 cylinder heads with our VR Dual Spring Kit

One head down... One to go...

As mentioned above we went with Pfadt Tri Y Stainless Longtubes. The driver side went in with no issue and fit so well it had to be held in place to avoid falling out of the car. The passenger side did take a little work, but nothing we arent used to. As you can see, we spaced the cradle down a bit and the header slid right in.

Here is a shot of the complete exhaust system

With both cylinder heads in place it was time to install pushrods/rockers... Here is a nice shot of why we upgrade the factory rocker arms with the Comp Trunion Kit. I dont know anyone who feels its a good idea to have all of these needle bearings making their way thru your engine...

OE Rocker arm with trunion upgrade installed

Final button up of engine

We aren't 100% finished with tuning just yet, but we have a few other cars that need our attention so this is it for today...

We will get back on the dyno in the next day or two and dial in the VVT on the bottom end. I believe there is some additional power under the curve to be had with additional tuning.

We also have LMRs new CAI on the way for testing as we saw MAP readings drop to 90kpa above 4500rpm... The next step will be CNC LT1 Cylinder Heads

Last but not least here is the idle clip...


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Nitrous Outlet Install and Tuning

The only change to our car was removing the OE spark plugs and installing a set of plugs more suited to nitrous. This cost us a few HP and is included in the dyno graphs below.

It seems the LT1 responds EXTREMELY well to nitrous.

We started off with a 35 Nitrous Jet and 18 Fuel Jet

112RWHP/136RWTQ gain with a FIFTY shot...

After reading plugs and reviewing the datalog we stepped up to a 52 Nitrous jet and a 28 fuel jet

169RWHP/197RWTQ gain with a 100 shot...

I have a few videos to edit/post as well as pics of the kit on the car. We plan to continue to jet up to 200HP or until the plugs show us signs the engine isn't happy.

HUGE thanks goes out to Nitro Dave and his crew for an awesome kit!!!​
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