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We are proud to announce that we cracked the 1,000rwhp mark last night with our C7! Modifications are as follows:

  • Vengeance Racing Custom Camshaft Kit + for C7 (VVT/Delete DOD)
  • American Racing Headers 1 7/8" Longtube Header System w/ Catted X-Pipe
  • B&B Fusion Exhaust
  • ECS Supercharger
  • AlkyControl Methanol Injection System
  • Nitrous Outlet Hardline Plate Kit

Stay tuned for dyno/street/track videos very soon!


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Holy yikes :eek:
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"but that it is all achieved with the STOCK bottom end, transmission, clutch and differential"

im in love
Made that on a dyno and it's nothing like real life driving...... None it would hold up on the road.

I remember on the mustang forum a shop took a 3V to over 1000rw on the dyno and the never did blow it up and they were trying to. You and I both know the 3V are a ticking time bomb with 450+ on the streets
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