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Vengeance Racing installs American Racing 1 3/4" Long tubes-Sound clip/Results Inside

We had a customer stop by last week looking for more sound (ALOT more sound) while adding some additional power to his newly purchased C7 A6 VERT!! This customer has no intentions of internal engine modifications so we thought this was an excellent opportunity to try out the American Racing 1 3/4" primary.

In an effort to validate manufacturer claims and show real world results we took several extra steps to provide everyone with some solid information.

Step 1: Baseline Customer Vehicle

Step 2: Tune customer vehicle for optimal performance with stock exhaust

Step 3: Return ECU to stock calibration file & install ARH 1 3/4 Long tube headers and X pipe

Step 4: Baseline vehicle with STOCK calibration and ARH Header System

Step 5: Tune customer vehicle for optimal performance with ARH system

In completely stock form this A6 C7 put down 416RWHP/429RWTQ
After tuning we were able to produce426RWHP/437RWTQ

This graph shows the ARH results with STOCK calibration as well as Vengeance Racing tune. The ARH headers by themselves picked up 16RWHP/22RWTQ and we gained an additional 10RWHP/15RWTQ with tuning.

Here is a graph showing a baseline pull Vs final pull.

Here is an Idle/Rev clip for you with Bi Mode Open and Closed

While we had the vert in the air for the header install we also lowered it on stock bolts so I took a few pics to share.

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