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After months of testing on our in-house C7 Stingray, we're very happy to report that many customer builds are currently underway at Vengeance Racing and some of them are already hitting the streets. This gorgeous Blade Silver C7 was brought to us by an awesome customer for a VR590 package, which includes a custom VR camshaft, long-tube headers and several other performance and visual modifications.

For those not familiar with the VR590 package, it includes all of the following modifications, along with professional installation and custom calibration for optimal performance. Note that this particular build utilized the stock air intake... for now!

Under the hood, you would have almost no idea that anything had been changed, and that's just the way we like it on the stealthy VR590. Of course, real enthusiasts will spot the American Racing long-tube headers but it's not until you start the car that the real interesting story begins...

Even with practically stock drivability, the VR590 makes a ton of power across the board, with peak gains of over 88-rwhp and 43 lb-ft of torque! Peak power rung in at 492.57-rwhp with torque coming on strong early and peaking at 452 lb-ft.

Just how good does this package drive and sound? Check out the video below, which shows the idle and the drivability of the VR590 package.

Any questions, please feel free to ask... we are here to help!! :D
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