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Big thanks to my friends at Jotech for dyno'ing my bone stock C8 Z06! This was my second time going to a dyno. The first time was at Baileys Hyperformance on the same exact style Dynojet but in way cooler temps outside, it hit 598 RWHP. Somehow someway my car made way more horsepower on this attempt. We believe it's a couple factors playing into it:
- more "driven hard" miles on the car since the last Dyno which allowed for the ECU to learn it better especially since it's a brand new car. The first time we went to the Dyno I had just barely hit 1500 miles and had never even gotten to 8500 RPM yet.
-Fans blowing into the side vents to simulate airflow when car is moving

Whats your thoughts:

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Thanks Jesse for sharing this latest dyno of your C8. It is great to see you are enjoying it and driving it 馃憤
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