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I'll add some more info to this later if you're interested to see my other big project car.

2009 CTS V sedan (556hp stock)
6spd 6L90 auto (the next step above the C7 auto trans) - built/upgraded by Circle D
3600 stall triple disc torq converter - Circle D
Built 388 4.125 bore LSA motor - sleeved by ERL, built by Bischoff
RaceTech copper coated pistons
Lunati I beam Rods
Callies Magnum Crank
Brodix BR7 heads with our port flowing 415cfm at cam lift
Cam - custom grind .655 lift
Squash dual return system for e85, flex fuel sensor
ID2000 injectors
Procharger F1X with 2 race valves (one wouldn't cut it)
Stainless works custom headers, 3" magnaflow mufflers for street, 3.5" Borla XR1s for track
yadda yadda yadda

this is the 3.5" exhaust if I recall - a little rumble

the sound is intoxicating, esp when driving it

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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It looks like you used a sharing link for some other software, not the php based vbulletin used here.

In Youtube select "share" under the video then "Share this video" You will get a short link starting with "". Copy that link.

In the forum click "insert video" icon (it looks like a film strip) then paste the sharing link and click "OK". The link you paste should be something like "" and ""

Here's what it shows up as:

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