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weapon-X-motorsports C7 is in... let the fun begin!

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Greetings fellow StingrayForums members! I'm very excited to be joining this forum. :) I was going to wait for the Z06; however, we decided to get started early on this one and get into the Z06 next year. So, we scoured the countryside and ended up just a couple hours away at Coughlin Chevrolet in Pataskala, OH where Rick Corvette Conti helped me get into a Silver Z51 within 2 weeks of interest to turn key. Great guy to talk to if you're still looking for your C7!

Stay tuned for the 2014 weaponX-C7 blueprint because after seeing what we did for the CTS V community, our dealers jumped at the chance to sponsor our new Corvette - and we have quite a build thread coming as well as a new site launching NEXT WEEK as the current weaponXmotorsports site is dedicated to the CTS V. I'm aiming for 600rwhp N/A with a little NOS on top. Also like the CTS V, we have a full aero kit for the car that's in prototyping - some renderings might get leaked soon! ;)

So without further adieu, here is my new Stingray, auto 2LT silver on black int, just 5 days old, 190 miles, windows tinted thus far, but stuff showing up daily! In the meantime, lowering and painting the wheels satin black will be next while both sets of wheels are being built.

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