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My first flagship Chevy was a 06 C6 Vert. After 7 great years I traded it for a first year C7 Arctic White Vert and drove it off the showroom floor. After 4 first months of agony and heartbreak with Chevy for a Trans issue the couldn't fix it was lemoned and I got my money back. That hurt! I set my plan for a Z06 however was not going to buy the first year. I finally found the perfect match 2 months ago and found a Arctic White Z06 A8 2LZ vert with Carbon Fiber dash ,PDR and a few more goodies that just needed to be mine.
Enjoying the heck out of it and this forum. Looking forward to the virtual pass by wave to all of you fellow members with every post. Land vehicle Vehicle Sports car Automotive design Car
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1 - 1 of 312 Posts