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What an Improvement

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I got my car last week. Wow I love it. I have had Vettes since 1985 and once bitten I never looked back.

C4 loved it - It changed the way Vettes were thought about.

C5 - When I got my 2000 Convertible Vette it thought it made my C4's antiquated

C6 - I was not impressed to be honest. I love my cars but they seemed like a mild change over - other than the cooler head lights

C7 - Just awesome. I am in love again

I got it fully loaded. $71k

what's it missing - racing seats - said it was on backorder and carbon fiber dash. I ordered it and they said it was coming but it did not show up on the car :(

Other than that I got it all - even the suede headliner and inserts
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Here is a video of my car on the dyno
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