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What does 50 New Stingrays look like in one place?

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I thought I would share this cool photo. Not too many places besides the Corvette Plant you can view this many Stingrays in one place.

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And that is the sign of a true professional Mike. I have absolutely no regrets in having made contact with you and I know you're going to come through for me. In looking back though, I'm thinking it was John who referred you to me. Another forum member was behind me on your list of deposits, but ended up going with another dealer in order to end up on a short list for the new Z06 where he's at status 3000 now. Regardless, it's not always about who can come through the quickest, but rather who you're dealing with and the quality of person they are. Hands down, I haven't had a single second thought about having placed my deposit with you. Thanks for allowing the forum to discover who you are and what you're all about.
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