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You don't have to use Mobil 1. Any 5W30 oil which is dexos1 certified will keep your warranty alive and happy.

As for which oil is best, well, let's not open up a can of worms. :)

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Oh, by the way, I just noticed that you have recently joined and that was your first post.

Starchild from Sweden, let me welcome you to the forum!

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You don't have to use Mobil 1. Any 5W30 oil which is dexos1 certified will keep your warranty alive and happy.

As for which oil is best, well, let's not open up a can of worms. :)

15W50 is not DEXOS certified at all (but it will not void your warranty)

I keep 15W50 in my car year round because it's a track car 90% of the time and 10% street driven.

If your location gets cold I would recommend swapping back to 5W30 during the colder months.

15W50 is only really bad for cold starts and driving around before its up to temp but once it warms up its fine.

you'll experience a little higher pressure & oil temps with 15w50 but it's not a problem.

If you don't track "often" I wouldn't worry about using 15w50 at all and stick with 5w30

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Welcome aboard. Below info copied from the owner's manual:

Selecting the Right Engine Oil​
Selecting the right engine oil​
depends on both the proper oil​
specification and viscosity grade.​
Recommended Fluids and
0 307.
Ask for and use engine oils that​
meet the dexos1​
Engine oils that have been​
approved by GM as meeting the​
dexos1 specification are marked​
with the dexos1 approved logo. See​
GM recommends Mobil 1​
® engine
oils that show the dexos1 approved​
logo for its dry sump equipped​
Failure to use the recommended​
engine oil or equivalent can result​
in engine damage not covered by​
the vehicle warranty.​
Viscosity Grade​
Use SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade​
engine oil.​
Cold Temperature Operation: In an​
area of extreme cold, where the​
temperature falls below​
29 °C
20 °F), an SAE 0W-30 oil may be
used. An oil of this viscosity grade​
will provide easier cold starting for​
the engine at extremely low​
temperatures. When selecting an oil​
of the appropriate viscosity grade, it

is recommended to select an oil of​
the correct specification. See​
Specificationearlier in this section.
For track events or competitive​
driving, use Mobil 1​
® 15W-50 engine
oil. An instrument cluster warning​
light will be illuminated at high oil​
temperatures. See​
Information Center (DIC)​
0 113.
Engine Oil Additives/Engine​
Oil Flushes​
Do not add anything to the oil. The​
recommended oils meeting the​
specification are all that is
needed for good performance and​
engine protection.​
Engine oil system flushes are not​
recommended and could cause​
engine damage not covered by the​
vehicle warranty.​


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Not everyone is in the "Mobil 1" Club. Personally I use the Amsoil products in all of my vehicles.
I've had Mobil 1 in my car since new, because I got 4 free M1 oil changes courtesy of Chevrolet. Next change will probably be Penzoil Platinum Plus. Same price as Mobil 1 at my local auto parts store in 5 quart jugs. (Yeah, I can probably get M1 cheaper at WalMart, but I think that the Penzoil is probably better oil.) But the truth is that if you change the oil according to the OLM, and use a high quality synthetic, you'll wear out the rest of the car before the engine fails due to oil related issues.
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