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What transmission did you go with, and why?

  • I preferred an automatic, but got a manual for some reason.

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What transmission did you order or buy?

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I heard the take rate on the automatic has been unexpectedly low so far. What did you order, or buy off the lot, and why?

Please note, this is not a thread meant to tell others they are wrong; people have their own reasons, and if it works for them, that is all that matters. I am just curious about your personal thoughts on the subject, and how things are working for you. That is all.

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The new seven speed manual is a great transmission. The six speed auto is so vastly improved from the C6 auto that it too is a really great transmission.
Locked this thread after editing a couple of recent posts. This is a friendly forum and all StingRay choices are great ones. If we like one option, does not mean that a person who has the opposite option or opinion is wrong or second class.
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