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What's your fuel???

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OK those chosen few, who are the lucky ones already driving your new Stingray's....

What is your fuel of choice? (wrong answer is just saying "Premium".)

I always fed my '98 C5: Mobil 93 octane. Once they started adding 10% ethanol (jerks!:mad:) I added an 8oz. bottle of fuel injector cleaner with every fill-up.

Probably will do the same with the "Chrissy". :D
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the owner's manual recommends Top Tier Gasoline
So Dennis, all the companies on the list of that link are automatically "top Tier" or does it have to say it specifically at the pump? I've never seen it mentioned at the Mobil I go to.
I prefer Shell, but will use Mobil, Exxon and Sunoco.
Are Mobil and Exxon one in the same?

Mark D
Choices pretty limited around Venice, FL. How about RaceTrac or Hess. I know they both still have the Ethanol.
Why add fuel injector cleaner?
GQ.... Because I heard (on another forum?) that the Ethanol clogs the fuel injectors.
Not sure how true, but added it anyway. Didn't seem to hurt.
I've used Hess in all my vehicles over the last 7 years without an issue. That includes heavily modified forced induction I4's, 640HP 461ci boat motors, modified Porsche 930 and my 6.4L SRT. Used Racetack a few times without issue but did get some detonation with the 930. Sunoco's coming back to town and if they are priced right I may switch. Everyone in FL runs ethanol but Racetrack seems to use a bit more than Hess.

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Thanks for that Mark.

After listening to all of the above great feedback... I think I'm safe with Mobil, Shell and Hess. All of which are in my area.

Thanks everyone!:)
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