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I have no hope of my 2014 order getting picked up due to my desire for a Z51 option. I am being led to believe that I can place one for a 2015 next week and a dealer has allotment allocations. I want to call BS but I wanted to ask others if they have heard anything?

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The last statements attributed to GM, as opposed to a dealership reps, were:

Dealers get order books the end of this month;
Initial allocation amounts and prices by June 15th;
Dealers with allocation get to enter orders (orders actually acted -- not ignored by GM, for those who have allocations for the June 26th consensus) is, not surprisingly, June 26th.

Many rumors that dealers can enter orders before June 26th. None of these are confirmed. If true, GM will not act on (reject, accept but just ignore them) before June 26th.

And as everything coming out from GM, "everything is subject to change."

And, by the way, you can still place and receive 2014 Z-51's, including coupes, from very top dealers, including our forum's dealership support vendor, MacMulkin Chev. PM me if you want more info about that option.
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