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The day James Williams from Arlington, Texas was buying his 2002 Chevy Corvette Z06 the dealership's salesman slammed his hand on his desk and asked a question Williams. Find out what happened next.

Original source:

I originally bought this 2002 Corvette Z06 to drag race. That lasted about a year before motor was trashed, so after putting a ton of money into the car I decided to turn it into a show car.

It's the first car that I have owned that I have a true love for, the aggressive look that has haunted me for years is now complete and is a true style of the "bad boy" that's instilled in me. My car is me with the attitude to go along with it .

I stumbled across this Corvette, when getting ready to buy a 2010 Ford Cobra. I had actually told the salesman there at the Ford dealership in Arlington, Texas that I needed another day to think about the 65,000 dollar investment to I was was fixing to make. The man actually slammed his hand on his desk and said Mr. Williams what kinda of car are you really wanting. I told him that red Z06 is really what I am wanting, but there is no way that I could afford a Vette.

The guy looks at me and just laughs and says Mr. Williams that Corvette is 45,000 dollars cheaper than the cobra that you are fixing to buy. Thus, I bought the car. That's why it's special to me , I was stunned. This 2002 Corvette Z06 is my East Texas Beauty now.

Exterior upgrades

  • 2009 Z06 Spyders wheels
  • Rear tires 325/30/19 X 12 ----- 57 mm offset made for the C5 corvette extremely rare to find these without having to tub the rear end or use a spacer
  • Carbon Fiber pieces are all from American HydroCarbon
  • Front chin splitter is a ZR1 style made for a C5 Z06
  • Side Skirts are also ZR1 style made for a C5 Z 06
  • Rear Spoiler also Carbon fiber

Other Details

  • Corvette is a 2002 Z06
  • It's been heavily modded , it has the original block still in the car , it is now a true 383 cubic inch
  • PRC heads
  • 4 inch crank
  • High output oil pump
  • Springs , rods , valves have all been upgraded
  • Mallory high output fuel pump
  • Dewitt's radiator
  • Monster clutch
  • Kooks headers and H pipe
  • Magna Flow exhaust
  • All motor upgrades were performed by East Texas Muscle Cars owner Stephen Covington
  • Car will run in the mid 7s in the 1/8 mile
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