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When using the media feature on the display to play music.

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The playback is very skippy on a hard drive and through my cell phone and now every second or 2 it emits a clicking sound from each speaker and this doesn't happen in any other mode like the radio mode. Any idea whats causing this? Tried reseting everything it just started.
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It was plugged in through usb and has been working for a while and now just wont. Works fine with my phone through the aux cord. My top usb port doesn't work either like won't power anything.
the radio is still cutting in and out when i use an aux cable. and none of the stuff on the steering wheel works for the radio. I cant change stations or adjust the volume using the suggested spots on the steering wheel. Any way i can do a hard reset?
Still working on doing a hard reset by unhooking the battery but as of right now the speech parts of the car won't work. Not sure if its an infotainment issue or not
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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