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Who's all watching Le Mans?

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Very exciting race so far! Corvette racing just lost the lead to Aston, but holding a close 2nd place. The C7Rs are holding very strong and have led most of the race so far under Milner, Westbrook and Gavin. We have a great shot to win.

Anyone else streaming the race right now? I purchase the official 24 LM stream app. $13 dollars or so, but it's nice to be able to take the race with you and jump into multiple cars.
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I'm watching since the Start with Eurosport TV live which transmit all the race ! Very exciting !
One C7.R is just 1rst now but the Aston Martin seems to have a better max. speed...the GT Pro cars are making a crazy battle since the start and the gap are not more that 10 sec for the 3 first places at this moment. The Ferraris were leading during the afternoon but were out on accidents.
The first C7r is now 4th :-(
45 min. to the end, the Garcia's C7r is second of it's category, 1 lap behind a Ferrari... Without big problem on the Ferrari, the victory will not be for this year.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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