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Here is a very interesting back story on how this person got his wide body StingRay.

GM Authority said:
You may have seen us post about the National Corvette Museum’s raffles before, which allow the public to buy raffle tickets for a shot at winning a 2014 Corvette Stingray, with all proceeds going to support the museum. You may think you have a pretty small chance at winning your very own ‘Vette, but this story of how one United States Army veteran got his C7 might change your mind.

Kelly Fromm, who served in the Army for 15 years before retiring as a Staff Sargent with the 82nd Airborne Division in 2001, also owns a rather famous 2012 Camaro ZL1 with airbrushed graphics dedicated to those who have served in the Army. That car, which he nicknamed Project Freedom Fighter, will be auctioned off at Barrett Jackson in support of non-profit organizations such as Active Dogs Academy Service Dog Foundation and Homes For Our Troops. Fromm can sell his old Camaro because he managed to get himself a C7 Corvette, but it’s how he got the car that’s really interesting.

It started when Fromm bought a black C7 Stingray which was originally intended for the owner of the Chevy dealership, who rejected it when he discovered some scratches and imperfections on the body. The dealer had the car towed to their detail shop of choice to have the scratches buffed out for him, but the car came back in worse shape with stripped clear coat on one side of the car and misaligned panels. The dealer eventually agreed to buy the car back and Fromm, now C7-less, carried on his way.

Not even 10 minutes had passed since he returned his black C7 Stingray before he got a call from the National Corvette Museum telling him he had won another brand new Corvette Stingray. Fromm had purchased a ticket to win a new “build-your-own” C7 Corvette and to his surprise, was chosen as the winner. Two and a half months later he picked the car up from the NCM designed exactly to his specifications.

A whole week passed before Fromm decided the stock C7 just wasn’t flashy enough and brought it to TS Designs for a widebody treatment. TS is the same shop who did up three widebody Corvettes for wheel company Forgiato, and employed the same technique on Fromm’s car. The front fenders are widened by two inches on each side, while the rear is widened by three on each side. Soon after, it was repainted in the stock Laguna Blue shade and given a unique black stripe. The car was also fitted with Forgiato Artigli-ECL wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes 4 rubber measuring 255mm in the front and 315mm in the rear.

Most recently, Fromm installed an AFE Power intake system and a Corsa exhaust, but he has bigger plans for the car which involve a supercharger, American Racing headers, a hot cam from Livernois Motorsports and more. We’ll be sure to cover any updates on Fromm’s C7, but inn the meantime, head on over to LSXTV for more photos of the extra-wide Stingray.
— Sam McEachern

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