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Wind noise at highway speed with vert top closed

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I never owned a vert before so perhaps it is totally normal, but your thoughts are appreciated.

When going at 65mph and higher, top up and windows closed, I hear wind noise from where glass meets the canvas vertically (behind my left ear) . I certainly don't feel any air coming in and the windows are aligned perfectly.

I am thinking that the wind noise is the edge of the canvas which just isn't flush to the glass (nor should it be). I haven't had anyone else in the passenger seat at highway speed to ask if they hear it on other side also.

Do other vert owners hear this noise?

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I have this exact problem/issue. Its just that like you, I'm not certain if it is an actual problem or a minor design oversight given that its arguable how significant it is. Did you take yours back to the dealer to remedy?
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