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Wind noise or not, that is the question

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As an owner of a c5 & c6 coup, i have always been aware of the wind noise that occurs when the roof is removed and my speed increases. (windows down) however , while watching several of the u tube videos it seemed to me that the problem my have been addressed and resolved. Does anyone have any knowledge of this issue being fixed. Jmc
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I should explain that years ago there use to be a fix for the wind noise. A small type of hook that would allow you to open the hatch and keep it slightly opened to help the air move through and out of the car . That would eliminate the wind noise. Today with all these vents directing the air about i thought that perhaps that some consideration was given to the problem. The audio during all the u- tube videos i've seen is so good that i thought that something had to have been done. Jmc
I never got the hook to keep the hatch open, however it was being offered in after market sources. Venting the interior hatch space would probably help resolve the issue.
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