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Wind noise or not, that is the question

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As an owner of a c5 & c6 coup, i have always been aware of the wind noise that occurs when the roof is removed and my speed increases. (windows down) however , while watching several of the u tube videos it seemed to me that the problem my have been addressed and resolved. Does anyone have any knowledge of this issue being fixed. Jmc
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jmc: I am not sure what you are asking. I drive with RedHot's top off a lot. At normal speeds, say 50 or less, with the windows down, you can converse without any issue (unless of course you don't have a passenger, in that case you look a bit silly :rolleyes: ), as your speed gets above 45 to 50 I have found that by experimenting with the driver and passenger window height you can eliminate most wind noise (seems like it is quietest with the windows up about 3/4ths of the way. Above 65 you get wind noise as you do in any open top vehicle but certainly no more than in a convertible even if they have a wind buffer. Under no circumstances would I drive with the rear hatch open even if secured least you suck in the exhaust. :cool:
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