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I'm approaching my 1 - year of owning my 2016 2LT Z51 M7. I recently had to replace my windshield due to a crack I didn't catch at the top corner of my windshield. The shop replaced it with an aftermarket windshield. (didn't even give me an option for OEM - insurance paid). Now every time I start my car it says to "service theft system". I called the installer and they said I only have a rain sensor and they had nothing to do with it. So, I called my insurance company back, have to file another claim, and am now dealing with the run around.

Is this issue really cause by replacing the windshield? Has anyone had similar issues? I now also have small gaps at the top of my windshield in between the glass/rubber/and car paint all along the top.

Any information anyone knows would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot.

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