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GM has not even filed a trademark on the Z07 name, and so that name is out. So reports.....

GM said:
Earlier this year, there were reports indicating that the next-generation Corvette Z06 would be named Z07. But after some source-checking, and realizing that General Motors has yet to file a trademark for the Z07 name (they would have by now), we’re convinced that the Z06 name will soldier on into the C7 Corvette lineup. However, the Z07 name may emerge down the road, as it was the name of a package for the Corvette Z06 in the past. Personally, we would like to see more aquatic names, such as Mako Shark and Manta Ray. Just saying.
Couple this with the indications it won't be a Z06. Adding fuel to this name confusion, the following statement was made in a recent video interview when GM North American President, Mark Reuss, said that, "there have been no discussions about an upcoming 'Z06.'" Since this was in a videotaped meeting with Car & Driver's Executive Board -- still available on the web, I do not think he would blatantly lie. Will the new hp version have a new, other than Z06, name?

Maybe the ZR1? Or, as suggested above, a out-of-the-blue name?

Here's to the _______________. Just be revealed in 40 days please.
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