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would a 1LT turn you off as a used buyer?

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i'm convinced i'm doing the right thing (for me) by loading up a 1LT with all of the performance options, 7MT, Z51, NPP, MSRC, Comp Seats, but wonder if i will have a difficult time unloading this in 2-3 years in order to pick up a Z07? would you be turned off by a 1LT that was packed with performance, but didn't heat/cool your bum, or open your garage for you?

i can easily swing the 2LT (or 3LT, for that matter), but don't want to spend the money if i don't HAVE to since i can save that wad for TIRES. :D what's important to most secondary-market vette buyers in years past? this is my first and i have never considered the car in previous gens, so i'm all new to this.
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I did exactly as you and I'm totally happy with my decision. I can't justify the cost for the 2LT or 3 LT. For my money it was all about the perf. for the car( Z51, perf. ex., mag ride) just my preference. I think the Z51 package is the biggest selling point about the car.
So take the $5,000 saved put it in a 401K at 8% for 3 years and you have $6,299 or $1,299 profit. :)
Smart choice.
If I want comfort on a long trip I'm NOT going to z51 it. No way!
Will use the Caddy. Anyone buying a vette for comfort is kidding themselves.
It just ain't that kind of car.
Don't need to pay for stuff I don't need.
Would rather load up my wife's car.

Alias Frankie!
Based on the attached article I would have to say with this car you can have your cake and eat it too. They love this car!

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