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Xpel Application

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Had the front end to about mid-hood, mirrors and rear rockers completed. If your are really OCD, you may want to have the complete hood done, because you can see a line when close to the car. But they quoted me double the price to complete the front end and I didn't think it was worth that.

Anyway, have a question for any of you out there who have had your C7 covered. In the area of the "fangs" (if there's a better term, let me know) on the front end, there is a gap in the material where the template cut the material so they can wrap it and it doesn't crease. There is an exposed area of paint about 1" in the middle of each "fang" where the material came short and didn't line up. Is that normal in your experiences ?? I don't' want to make a big deal out of it if that is just "the way it is".
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Dependent on the kit ( majority of the kits are poorly designed so even for a experienced installer can make it fit properly - you get what you pay for) used for the installation and the expertise of the installer to know the proper fitment. There should be no frontal bumper impact area unprotected. We also have protection for grill sections also should the client want this protection.
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