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Xpel Installer Questions

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Couple questions:

- Anyone have experience with this installer in Western New York: Speed Shield I couldn't find any reviews online.

- Do you guys typically get the 'full protection' package? I've never used film on a car before.

- I'm having the mirrors painted Carbon Flash after market. How long do I have to wait before the film on?

Thanks for the info.
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I can't answer question #1.

I was offered Xpel Ultimate "ala carte" from the installer. There was a basic nose protection that included 1/4 hood and 1/4 front fenders and nose. That was the base. Then there are the add-ons: mirrors, rockers, door cups, A pillars, sills, Full hood, full fenders, etc. I think you can order just what you want or you can see if the installer offers a package deal of some kind.

The installer will advise you of when you can Xpel over new paint, as the installer and Xpel have to warranty the product for 10 years (Ultimate). These are some of the things I learned in my Xpel experience. Good luck. These are really good products (IMHO).
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