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Xpel vs 3M

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I have read a lot on here about Xpel and was planning on having my new car covered with 3M. I am doing research on it but wanted people who used these products feedback. All opinions welcome. "What is better, which have you used, and why."

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I ran an experiment. I emailed Expel and asked for a sample of their films, Ultimate and Extreme. I purchased a small piece of 3M Clear Bra and 3M VenturShield from Amazon. I also obtained a sample of Avery nano-Fusion. Now I had 5 films to evaluate. I purchased a piece of clear Lexan at Home Depot. I applied the films side by side. Then I placed the Lexan sheet over printed material and observed clarity. I looked for orange peel and adhesive distortion. Then I roughed the film surface using a kitchen scouring sponge. I placed the films in the sun to see if they self healed. I marked the film with a black marker to see if it could be cleaned. I tried applying polish.

Two films came out on top, Avery nano-Fusion and Expel Ultimate. The 3M films were last.

However, as someone else has said on this forum, the 3 most important things in selecting a film are: (1) the installer, (2) the installer, and (3) the installer.
I like you already, Art. What line of work are you in? That was a nice, scientific approach to getting a great answer!
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