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Each Saturday is like a week rolled up into one...but it does make it fun for all as it's like a Carnival coming to town.
~The new Shark Gray is a big hit and one look at these two delivery pics says it all. This young guy came in Saturday morning and looked at our 35+ Stingrays and zoned right in on this Shark gray with Adrenaline Red interior. The Black wheels and red calipers really go well together!

~Next up was Marty from South Orange, NJ. Marty factory ordered this Arctic White with Adrenaline Red Cpe. This color combo is classic and will always be in vogue. Marty gave me a huge compliment in saying that he has bought nearly 100 cars (Porsches etc) and that this transaction was seamless and that he felt he was never treated better and that I always answered all his questions promptly. Marty took the train down to Wash, DC and met me yesterday morning for his delivery.

My main man Joe putting the finishing touches on Marty's delivery. Joe is the best!

~Next up was Collin from Round Hill, VA. Collin took Corvette Museum Delivery several months back and he wanted to get the delivery experience at Criswell...while he got his first oil change. So after the oil change I had him park his loaded up Z51 Convt in the delivery area. Collin sold his award winning 1963 Split Window Corvette to make room for what will be a well traveled Stingray. :flag:

check out what Collin has done under the hood!

~Mark from Pace, FL factory ordered his new 2015 Stingray and took delivery this past week at the Corvette Museum. I met Mark at the Sebring Race in Florida and he contacted me the next Monday to set his order in motion. Here in his own words.
"Just a few lines to thank you for the great service and ease of purchasing my 2015 Stingray. Every detail was taken care of and moved along smartly. My son and I flew to Nashville and drove a rental to Bowling Green. My son Craig did not know we were getting the car and by prior arrangement the museum folks played along. Needless to say he was quite surprised when he saw my name in
front of this amazing vehicle on Corvette Blvd. We thoroughly enjoyed the factory and museum tours arriving at 7:30 and closing the place down at 5:00. We then drove to Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio for two days of breath-taking hiking. Then on to North Carolina, Atlanta and then back to Pensacola. The car was amazing and performed flawlessly for our over 1,600 mile road trip. Jackie and Donna were also very helpful and delivered everything promised on time.
Thanks again for a great experience. Hope to see you again next year at Sebring." Sincerely, Mark S. Pace, Florida

~Eric S from Riverview, Fl wrote in about cleaning his Stingray that he bought from me 8 mos ago. He is using the Florida rain to rinse off his Torch Red Z51.

Here is what he said-
"Just wanted to say hello. I'm still enjoying the car tremendously. It's a highlight of my life. And washing it in the rain is the best way to do it in Florida. No sun to bake water spots into the paint while waiting to dry it. Pic attached. I'm sure that autumn is upon you by now while we still have a good bit of broiling sun and temps in the 90s. I've been following your exploits on the Forum. Looks like you're still busy as ever. Hope you are doing well and getting to spend a little time with your family. Eric S, Riverside, FL

~Last week, if you follow my posts I had the twin sister of my Golfing buddy purchase a new 2015 Malibu LTZ. Their Father had recently purchased a new Limerock Green Convt and Tim's Mother in law had also bought a used Nissan from me in Tim and his wife Beth decided to trade in their GMC Terrain for a new Traverse. That's 4 different vehicles to one family since I am working on Tim's brother for a Silverado and then Tim/Beth's kids...12 yrs from now.

Charles from Temple, PA and proud Grandfather of the two below.

Tim and Beth's future customers...

~I am sure every one has seen the New Orange by now. Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic.

~I arrive home from a long day at Criswell to find a U of Maryland Wrestling Alumni T shirt sent to me that the Coach mailed. I just wish U of MD was still in the ACC. I will miss the history of almost 70 yrs, nothing against the Big 10...but U of MD will always be an ACC school to me. College Athletics is all about Money and I guess has been for the last 30 yrs.

~One final picture-Todays throwback picture- Malcolm Konner Chevrolet back in the day. Fall 1989.

~Enjoy the day as time goes too fast.:seeya

Mike Furman
301 212 4420 desk direct
Chevy Corvette Dealer MD | Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, DC, PA | Criswell
Criswell Chevrolet
Gaithersburg, MD

Personally Selling Corvettes Nationwide for 36+ yrs now


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Great stuff, Mike! BTW, I hope 'Marty' isn't driving his new C7 in those flip-flops!:)
Let me tell ya...Marty can handle a stick shift like nobody's business!!! He peeled out of there with his Stingray.

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Even before getting down here to the bottom of this post, as I was initially reading above, I thought it was amusing how Marty wore his jeans on the train, then discarded them into the passengers seat in favor of the sweats for the comfy ride back home in the StingRay. I bet he is a very interesting guy.

Ah, Mike, so you were the one who sold the 1KULC7 to Collin. That car is quite well-known, and very widely photographed...

I did not know you were a Maryland grad, but I am not surprised. Welcome to the Big 10 from a Big 10 graduate! But, you are correct: it is a shame how long-standing collegiate rivalries are torn apart, and history is discarded, just for more, more, more money.

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Rodney, Yes I had met Collin a few yrs ago and he always said once he sells his 1963 Corvette S/W that he would buy a new Corvette Convt from me.

I graduated U of Maryland 1984. I appreciated the long standing history that the ACC provided especially since Maryland was a founding member of that
great Conference. I will never forget when I went down on my recruiting trip as I was walking in the back doors of Cole Field House that John Lucas
was coming thru the same door! He had already been playing in the Pro's for Basketball and Tennis for 4 yrs but he was working out at Maryland.
I got to witness first hand Boomer Esiason (lived in the same dorm as he and Frank Reich), Ralph Sampson, Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Spud Webb,
The Fridge and many other great athletes of that era. I also was the one that took an 18 yr old kid around the Campus to show him around, Len Bias.
Saw him pick a quarter off the top of the back board in a pick up game we had...I said that's good enough for me, please sign!!
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