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I have 3 tee shirts I bought from the NCM with embroidered images and lettering of various Corvettes. They measure 2"x2.5" and don't look too big. These are my favorite work out shirts. They have been washed 20+ times and still look great.
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Hey folks! Apologies for my "quietness" recently.
I was away enjoying camping on 2 wheels.

I just want to bring you an updated on the the Polo shirts... They are a go!

Here are some details:

- $67.00 shipped to your door as long as you are in the good ol' US of A!
- High quality polo shirt with an embroidered ~ 2" x 2" logo.
- Available in sizes Small to 3XL!

I'll make a dedicated thread for the actual ordering process!

I'm really excited about this. :)
As promised :
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