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C7 Corvette Billy Boat Exhaust Systems

Billy Boat Exhausts have become one of the premiere exhaust manufacturers for the Corvette. Since 1989 they've been manufacturing and building top of the line exhaust systems, and have always been at the very top of the Corvette exhaust R&D market. Each Billy Boat exhaust is manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel components and is designed with the specific vehicle's exhaust flow and tonal needs in mind. It's this attention to detail, quality, and performance that has made them so popular and that makes us at Southern Car Parts so proud to be your number one source for Billy Boat systems.

All Billy Boat exhaust systems on our website are on sale well below the MSRP price, and we stock most of them for your Corvette ordering needs. We've installed Billy Boat exhaust systems on our Corvettes here over the years, and have consistently been impressed with them. This impression is what has brought us to support and respect their products as much as we do.

All that being what it is, we run in to a lot of questions about the various Billy Boat exhaust systems. Because they make so many different types of exhaust systems, and each one has its own ideal use and Corvette application, these questions typically boil down to which exhaust is right for each customer. To try and help clear up some of the confusion, and to help you decide if or which Billy Boat exhaust system is right for you, we wanted to address the benefits and characteristics of each one.

Billy Boat has made three different C7 Corvette Exhaust Systems.
  • Gen3 Fusion Exhaust (uses OEM style valves bi-modal)
  • PRT Bullet - Nice aggressive sound, no drone
  • Bullet - Loudest system BB makes

Gen3 Fusion Exhaust
When GM designed and introduced bi-modal exhaust systems for their flagship Corvette line-up they took the automotive world by storm. These exhausts are brilliant for offering a more tame and quiet driving experience at lower RPM ranges, while also opening up their valves for a wide open roar under more intense, heavy acceleration, and red-line pushing driving conditions. Of course, even with that in mind, the stock mufflers designed by Chevrolet are way too restrictive for the sound most people want and expect out of their small block V8 engine.
The Fusion Exhaust provides that same bi-modal functionality with a more aggressive and race inspired tone. With the tips closed, the Fusion and the Stock exhaust are comparable. The fusion's tone is deepened and cleaner, but, it's not noticeably louder; however, when a Corvette outfitted with a Fusion Exhaust opens up, the sound is unmistakable. The Fusion provides a hearty, muscle-car tone when wide open that is similar to the B&B Bullet exhaust, only a little bit quieter. This is achieved through the use of shortened Fusion mufflers that provide a more free-flowing and resonant exhaust.

Available Here with Speedway Tips: C7 Corvette Billy Boat Exhaust GEN3 Fusion System

Available Here with Oval Tips: C7 Corvette Billy Boat Exhaust GEN3 Fusion System

Available Here with Round Tips:C7 Corvette Billy Boat Exhaust GEN3 Fusion System


Next up, we have the Billy Boat BULLET Exhaust
The Bullet is one of the most, if not the single most, aggressive exhaust systems on the market for the C7 Corvette today. Designed to optimize exhaust flow for peak performance numbers and the most powerful and throaty exhaust tone, the Bullet is as loud and as powerful an exhaust as there is.
The Bullet utilizes a very classic muscle-car design with straight-through high-flowing mufflers that provide a deep and throaty resonance for a very classic muscle car tone. The crescendo through the RPM range with the Bullet exhaust is one of volume and strength that harkens back to the classic American muscle car age with thunder and bravado; of course, the C7 Corvette-with all of its technological improvements and incredible power numbers-is anything but an old muscle car, and Billy Boat was able to design the Bullet to truly pay tonal homage to the Corvettes of the 60's and 70's, while also still holding true to the modern Corvette's undeniable race pedigree.
For a Corvette enthusiast that not only doesn't mind loud, but feeds and thrives off of it, the Bullet exhaust may be perfect for you. If you're not afraid of drone, or of rattling the windows of your neighbor's home when you start your 'Vette up in the morning, then you may want to check out the Bullet. Just as the Fusion is designed and modified to specifically meet the needs of each model and generation C7 Corvette, so is the Bullet.

C7 Corvette Billy Boat Bullet w/Speedway Tips Here: C7 Corvette Billy Boat Exhaust Bullet System

C7 Corvette Billy Boat Bullet w/Oval Tips Here:C7 Corvette Billy Boat Exhaust Bullet System

C7 Corvette Billy Boat Bullet w/Round Tips Here:C7 Corvette Billy Boat Exhaust Bullet System


Finally, we have the Billy Boat PRT Bullet:
If you prefer the straight-through exhaust design, but aren't a fan of Cabin Drone or excessive noise like you would expect with a Bullet exhaust, then Billy Boat's newest exhaust design, the PRT System, would be perfect for you. The PRT, which stands for Purge Resonance Technology, is a masterpiece of engineering and design brought to you by Billy Boat. This complete redesigned and reengineered exhaust for the C6 Corvette is the latest in Billy Boat's history of designing powerful exhaust tones with drone control in mind.
The PRT offers a more subdued touring tone at regular driving speeds than the Bullet, with a more race-inspired straight-through tone and design than the Fusion. This results in greater HP and Torque gains across the entire RPM band--Dynos on some C6 Corvettes have reported as much as 18hp, with 14-15 being a commonly achieved norm. The Purge Chamber technology helps keep the exhaust mellow at cruising speeds but allows it to open up for a very aggressive and powerful tone under more extreme driving conditions that is similar to the Bullet in quality. Where the PRT separates itself from the Bullet, however, is in its minimal Cabin Drone. "Drone" has become a no-no for modern exhausts and a dangerous word around the forum community, we know, and Billy Boat took that to heart when designed this exhaust. For the powerful tone and volume this system puts out, the drone is absolutely minimal. What this gives is a straight-through exhaust that sounds beautifully, and couples perfectly with automatic or paddle shifter Corvettes, as well as those with complete Long Tube header packages.

C7 Corvette Billy Boat Bullet PRT w/Speedway Tips Available Here:C7 Corvette Billy Boat Exhaust PRT Bullet System

C7 Corvette Billy Boat Bullet PRT w/Oval Tips Available Here:C7 Corvette Billy Boat Exhaust PRT Bullet System

C7 Corvette Billy Boat Bullet PRT w/Round Tips Available Here:C7 Corvette Billy Boat Exhaust PRT Bullet System

Of course, Billy Boat doesn't stop with all of these options either. Each and every Billy Boat exhaust for the C7 Corvette is available in your choice of Quad Round, Quad Oval and Speed Way Exhaust tips. These tips are all manufactured from the highest quality polished stainless steel for a beautiful and aggressive visual finish that will match your vehicle's new found tonal and performance benefits.

If there are any other questions you may have about the Billy Boat systems above, or about any other Billy Boat product (or any product we carry here at Southern Car Parts) please do not hesitate to ask. Give us a call at our office at (770)919-1433 and we'll do our best to answer your questions and help you outfit your C7 Corvette as best as possible.

Please click links above for pricing and ordering information.

SCP Team
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