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Z-51 rear radiators?

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We talked in a previous thread about the possibility that rear deck vents on the Z-51 might get obstructed with small debris and that gave rise to this question: Has anyone looked at the drive-line radiators to see how easily they can collect debris and / or be cleaned out? Is this cooling system closed? (meaning is there airflow under the car that also moves through these radiators?
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I already have crap underneath my grates....gotta mod covers next week
The fender intake grill feeds the diagonal black tube which runs right into the radiator. On the back side of the radiator is the suction fan (probably temperature controlled), so not seeing a way to clean the radiators easily. [Note: First picture of passenger side, second from driver side.]

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Agreed.......I have asked a friend that designs camaro vents to see if he can come up with a fix...
I have two questions.
1. which side is which.
2. Has anybody seen or heard how they are replacing the fender vents on the convertible?
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The driver's side rear fender intake vent cools the transmission. The passenger side cools the differential.

These intake vents are there on ALL coupes.They are functional on all cars that have the Z-51 package and/or an automatic transmission. GM estimated, originally, that intake vents would be functional on over 85% of all StingRays, but not functional for manual transmission cars without the Z-51 package.

Do not know if they even exist on convertibles which have a manual transmission without the Z-51 package??? Nor do I know for sure whether the corresponding intakes are in the bottom "belly pan covers," or, in the inner fender wheels? Anyone know? Have a picture?
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