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We know that the Z06 has a CF torque tube, probably based off of this GM patent.

And, we previously saw GM's patent application for a CF propshaft (driveshaft).

We do not know whether the Z06 also has a CF propshaft???

Thanks to "phantasms", BBC Engineering Solutions and "sploid.gizmodo," we know that a CF propshaft (driveshaft) is able to withstand 3 1/2 times the torque of a steel propshaft. The text is below, but you wil need to go to the link to see the actual testing video, testing to point of destruction.

sploid.gizmodo said:
What you're looking at is a carbon fiber drive shaft and a steel drive shaft being twisted with force until they break. As you can see in this torque test between the two, the carbon fiber shaft doesn't budge (that's not a still image, folks) while the steel shaft cork screws itself and becomes deformed under the same amount of twisting pressure. Gnarly.

The steel shaft gave out at around 1376 newton meters while the carbon fiber shaft held until 4728 newton meters. That's a huge chunk of difference. Strands of expensive fiber dominates metal more than three times over. Cool.
Here's how much stronger carbon fiber is compared to steel in one GIF

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Honestly, I don't think it is or they would have made a big deal out of it.
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