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Z06 Constraints

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I went to spec a Z06 today and the order system at the dealership wouldn't accept the order due to constraints on Z07 package and CFV. Has anyone else had a problem ordering these items? Thanks for any input.
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There is no constraint on CFV for a Stage 2 Z06. So, to answer your question, no, there is no constraint on that.

Yes, the carbon fiber instrument panel has a constraint at this time.
I am being told differently as of today..........

Kerbeck call........ I am being told that the CFV (visible carbon fiber splitters) for the Z06 are not/will not be available.
They ARE available with the Z07 package however? I don't want the Z07 option.
This tells me they are in short supply and people are being pushed to go Z07 needlessly. Correct?

Are others getting this info as well?
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Please see my reply in the Constraints Report Thread:

This simply might be a misunderstanding by one of their employees, or maybe they know something we don't about what next week's constraint report may look like, or maybe...?

The sales guy is speaking to Dave Salvatore, Corvette Manager
Sticking to the requirement to get CFV you must order the Z07 package.
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This just in from Dave Salvatore, Corvette Manager Kerbeck Corvette:

"Here's what I was told by GM on this issue. The CFV has very limited supplies so they have decided that the CFV will only be available on the Z07 packages. This will not be listed as a constraint issue but as an order requirement. In fact, if you try to place an order today with the CFV on a non-Z07, the system will not even allow the order to be placed. All orders that were already placed with that option are being changed.
If the supply on this option every becomes more plentiful, GM may re-look at the situation and change it, but based on the fact that after a year and a half on the Stingray the Exposed Carbon Fiber top and Exposed Carbon Fiber interior trim are still heavily constrained I wouldn't plan on it any time soon."
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sounds like to me that gm has all these parts for the z07 upgrade thinking that a lot of people would be ordering it and there not. so will make CFV unavilable for the z06 and push people to go for the z07 option.

Yes the Z07 will be a little more special as it can have the CFV (visible carbon fiber) vs the Carbon Flash only on the Z06 (non-Z07 package).

So, if you see a C7 with the visible carbon fiber ground effects you can probably now figure it has the Z07 package. Yet another way to discern the differences. This places the Z06 w/Z07 as a very Limited Edition model.
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LOL.... Human nature works in mysterious ways in that when we're told we can't have something a certain way, it makes us want it that much more..... And we actually convince ourselves to become unhappy over it..... Just changed my order to carbon flash yesterday. The upside to it all is at least the front splitter and side skirts will match the rear spoiler now. :rolleyes:
You are so right...had my mind all made up for the visible carbon fiber stuff, splitters, roof, interior, even rear diffuser.
Well, I will be getting the interior and rear diffuser, but the CFV and roof...gone. Only CFZ for me....saved $3k today! :)
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