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One obvious piece of Z06 info is the EPA mileage figures, though most believe that it will not be subject to the gas guzzler tax.

Another obvious one is a fully developed build your own Z06 site, with confirmed pricing.

Additional performance stats are missing, especially any/all differences between what we learned earlier this week for the the Z07, but for stages 1 and 2.

Top speed (though GM announced in January that it's top speed will exceed the ZR1's 205 MPH).

Nurburgring time.

Official start date for production/customer cars.

What else are we still missing?

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Earlier this year, Tadge claimed the new Z06 will be the first production car to operate in 4 cyl Eco mode, 8 cyl non supercharged mode, and 8 cyl SuperCharged mode. That can be done in many ways. Curious if they have decided on the specifics of that selection. i.e., user selectable SuperCharged to occur in Sport or Track, Track only, separate switch, etc. Or maybe not selectable anymore. Haven't heard even a hint since the first announcement. Just curious.
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