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Z06 Unique Color Interior Revealed

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Our first pictures of one of the "unique to the Z06" interiors...

What do you think?
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Ho this color is beautiful but I hope there will be a greater range of color.

I liked the logos in the seats of the previous editions, hoping that we will have dess surprises to discover that side.

2015 Z06 Convertible dwell my thoughts coming months!:cool:
It is interesting to know that there will be two specific colors to the Z06 but there are 5 color available.

Undoubtedly colors we now find ourselves already in the Stingray

So those who desire to be exclusive with their Z06 have 2 choices.

See the following line joins it comes from information produced by GM!

"The interior also features a flat-bottom steering wheel with a carbon fiber center spoke. The Z06 comes in five interior colors, including two that are unique to Z06 – blue and dark gray." from Chevrolet site

"It gone a be a Z06 Covertible for me":cool:
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It just might be the blue. Or the dark grey! Tough to tell in the pictures, but with the blue exterior and some of the interior shots, I am now leaning slightly towards it being the new blue.
You who is in New york I guess you will be at this show.

If you permit your sirtuation you can allimenter us on the interior and exterior colors that you have seen with your own eyes.

Thanks to takes pictures you can share with us.

We all look forward to many more!:cool:
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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